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We’re committed to sustainable farming methods that care equally for our health and that of the planet. The brands that we distribute are an extension of that mission.

We only work with farms and suppliers that exercise good stewardship of their animals and their land and work to create healthy, wholesome products that give back more than they take. It's not the easiest option, but it's always the better choice. We think you'll agree.


Alexandre Family Farm

Blake and Stephanie Alexandre are fifth-generation grass-fed farmers that, along with their five adult children, are raising the bar on organic, pasture raised dairy farming.

They’ve bred their herd to produce only A2/A2 milk. A2 beta casein is the original dairy protein, and it more closely matches human milk, meaning it’s better tolerated by people sensitive to dairy. This and their dedication to regenerative farming practices mean that they’re leaving the world in a better condition than they found it.

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Califia Farms

Named after Queen Califia, the mythical warrior queen said to protect California’s abundant natural resources, Califia Farms follows a similar path.

They believe in the power of plants to help heal the planet and bring people back into harmony with nature. Their plant based dairy alternatives are the perfect choice for those that are lactose-intolerant or favor a vegan lifestyle. Utilizing nutrient-dense options like oats and avocados, they produce foods comparable to the wholesomeness of milk.

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If you enjoy oat milk in your morning cereal or a heaping scoop of oat-based ice cream, know that it was all made possible by the brilliant minds at Oatley.

Oatley pioneered the process of turning nourishing oats into the wide variety of dairy alternatives that exist today. In the process, they perfected a method for keeping the grain’s soluble fiber intact, boosting the healthful benefits we now enjoy. Today, they produce some of the finest, most delicious oat milk products available.

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Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

For the founders of Ellenos, yogurt is an enduring passion. Con and Alex brought the recipe, and Yvonne and Bob contributed their uncompromising vision to bring real greek yogurt to the world. It took them ten years to build their dream, but the results are well worth the wait.

Thankfully, we don’t need to travel the globe to enjoy the nutritious delights of this power quartet’s handcrafted, traditional yogurt products. They’re located right here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Grace Harbor Farms

The Lukens family upholds the ideals of organic farming in everything they do. Since 1999, they’ve been good stewards of their animals and their land.

They offer only true whole milk, with nothing added and nothing removed. They skip homogenization to deliver dairy they way nature intended. They employ proven vat pasteurization methods to ensure safety without destroying the milk’s nutritive properties. Try their Kefir. It offers a nourishing experience that can’t be beat.

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Happy Mountain Kombucha

The folks at Happy Mountain believe that simple ingredients and high-quality teas make the best kombucha. Their tangy, tart, and lightly bubbly brew, with just the right amount of sweet, is a testament to the purity of their process.

Happy Mountain offers the undiluted authenticity of tea, herbs, spices, and naturally fermented cane sugar. They never add fillers, delivering a healthful product that’s packed with probiotic goodness.

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NW Farms

This family-owned and operated farm is serious about sustainability, and the results are a wonder to behold.

They’ve built an indoor, vertical hydroponic produce farm that provides Pacific Northwest residents clean, fresh herbs, greens, and berries year-round. Employing cutting edge climate and nutrient control methods guarantees safe, healthy produce that maximizes nutritional value and flavor. Everything they grow is certified non-GMO and organic. But most importantly, it’s delicious.

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Smith Brothers Farms

Not only is Smith Brothers one of the oldest and largest independent dairies in the Pacific Northwest, Pete’s Milk is a branch on its ever-blossoming tree (see About Us).

They’ve been committed to home delivery for over 43 years, keeping alive that venerable figure of old, the milkman. Currently, they deliver fresh, organic, ethically-sourced products directly to the doorsteps of 60,000 Puget Sound residents. We’re happy to extend their reach to hundreds of businesses, schools, and other organizations.

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David and Ben, the founders of Olipop, aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge. In fact, they started Olipop in a bid to upset one of the largest industries in the world, Big Soda.

Their unique beverages eschew sugar in favor of a handcrafted mix of prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanicals. They take classic flavors, like root beer, orange soda, and vintage cola and elevate them into healthful experiences that more than rival the originals. Ben and David’s revolution is beginning to take off, and we’re happy to be involved.

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Fresh Breeze Organics

Like the good people at Alexandre Family Farm, the Langley’s are also fifth-generation dairy farmers. They produce 100% certified organic milk on acreage purchased by Shawn’s grandfather more than a hundred years ago.

The family prides itself on doing things right. They vat pasteurize their milk in small batches,guaranteeing safety while retaining the milk’s full complement of nutrients and flavor. Experience some of the creamiest, most delicious milk you’ve ever tasted.

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Vive Organic

The company’s commitment to crafting nutrient-rich botanical shots got it’s start when co- founder Wyatt fell ill. His positive experience with holistic medical experts convinced him of nature’s ability to heal and promote wellness. Enter Kyle with his farming knowledge and JR with a surf truck to sell from, and Vive Organic was born.

Each of the team’s concentrated beverages is formulated to promote a specific function, be it general wellness, energy production, or an immunity boost.

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Stiebrs Farms

A few of our suppliers offer eggs, but only Stiebrs concentrates all of their energy on them. Offering both chicken and duck eggs, the farm has perfected humane production, with some of the happiest, pasture-raised birds we’ve ever met.

Stiebrs eggs are cage, antibiotic, steroid, and GMO free, and they’re packed with flavor. We think you’ll agree that they’re some of the richest, most nutritious eggs you’ve ever eaten, brimming with Omega-3 fatty acids. To the eggs, and to your health!

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Twin Brook Cremery

Larry Stap and family own and operate Twin Brook Creamery on land purchased back in 1910 by Larry’s great grandfather, Jacob.

The secret to the farm’s velvety rich, creamy milk products starts with their cows. They farm only Jersey cows, which produce milk with more solids. More solids means more flavor. Then they vat pasteurize and avoid homogenization to bring their customers milk in its safest, most natural form. One sip and we think you’ll agree that their attention to detail makes a difference.

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Pure Eire Dairy

Pure Eire Dairy bears a mantle that they wear with pride. They’re the only certified, 100% grass-fed dairy — not in the Pacific Northwest, but in the nation.

The secret to the farm’s velvety rich milk products starts with their Jersey cows, which produce milk with more solids. More solids means more flavor. Then they vat pasteurize and avoid homogenization to bring their customers milk in its safest, most natural form. One sip and we think you’ll agree that their attention to detail makes a difference.

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