The Pete’s Family

Have you ever had a fresh, creamy glass of milk or a perfect slab of cheddar and said, “I’d like to give my compliments to the cow”? At Pete’s, we do it all the time!

That’s because our farmers are a part of our family, and we make it our business to know theirs. It’s the best way to guarantee that the products we sell uphold the high standards our customers expect.

When it comes to dairy and other market-fresh products, you deserve to know how they were made and who made them. That’s how we’ve run our business for 100 years — with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to customer service that’s second to none.

Can you taste the difference? We think so. We believe your customers will, too.

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When you're a Pete's customer, you're family.
And that's how we treat you.


We go beyond service to relationships, providing fresh local products.

We deliver local products from farm to market. Service is the key to our success, and our employees make the difference.

A Snapshot of Our Roots

Dairy has been in our family for 100 years. Pete’s grandfather, Benjamin F. Smith, opened Smith Brothers Farms in 1920 with a single cow and a dream. That dream grew into a thriving operation, and in 1977 the company began offering home delivery.

Pete joined the organization at the tender age of 12. At 18, he stepped up to the challenge and built the home delivery business to five trucks on the road. With that taste of success, Pete decided it was time to branch out on his own.

He started Pete’s Fresh Milk Delivery as an independent distributor for Smith Brothers, moving away from home delivery and into the commercial space.

Over the years, our list of suppliers and dairy farms has blossomed, and our customer ranks have swelled to include hundreds of Washington and Oregon businesses. But we still pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products, the most reliable service, and the best customer experience in the industry.

About Pete

Milk is in Pete’s blood. It’s quite possible his heart pumps nothing but fresh dairy goodness. He’s been working with cows since he was a kid, and it shows. His knowledge of the dairy business is rivaled only by his desire to sustain local farmers and share their wholesome products with the people of the Pacific Northwest.

Ask him to tell you about his farmers, and you’ll discover he knows what’s in each container he sells. He’s met most of the cows and has seen how they’re treated. He can give you detailed descriptions of each of his suppliers’ operations, who’s on staff, and probably what each of them had for breakfast.

He knows all this because, 43 years after his first truck rolled down the highway, laden with milk bound for eager customers, he’s still deeply involved with his business. Pete’s exists because of the hard work of a lot of good people, but its heart and soul still is, and always will be, Pete.

Innovative products and wholesome foods delivered fresh every day.


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