For the last 50 years, scientists, nutritionists and doctors have debated the health benefits – and risks – of butter.

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For the last 50 years, scientists, nutritionists and doctors have debated the health benefits – and risks – of butter. And if you combed through every bit of data from every study, you’d find countless claims, counter claims and counter-counter claims in every direction. But there’s one thing that everyone agrees on: Butter is irreplaceably delicious.

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you there are many dishes that you just can’t pull off without butter. Sauces lose their satisfying richness. Croissants and pastries lose their flakey goodness. Even pancakes just aren’t quite the same without a little slab of butter. At Azure, we have a hard time keeping butter in stock, so we’re introducing a new line of affordable butter.

Mother’s Choice is made by Larsen’s Creamery of Clackamas, Ore. Larsen’s has been churning out award-winning butter since 1927, and they do it quite well for many different companies. Using locally sourced milk, Larsen’s makes dependable butter that performs well in baking, general cooking, and even on a simple piece of toast.

ABOUT OUR MILK: Milking cows demand a lot of feed nutrients to support milk production. Conventional milk cows consume roughly half of their diet from forages such as alfalfa hay, grass silage or pasture. Farmers get their cows into pasture and grass fields to satisfy their dietary needs. Given the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest, winter months often make it difficult for the cows to spend long periods outside due to heavy mud, but many farms get them to the rotating fields – weather permitting.

The heavy grazing periods are in the early spring and often extend into the summer months by field irrigation. In warm summer months, although animals get to the fields, the lack of moisture slows grass growth and farmers must rely on silage or high protein meals to provide the animals with adequate nutrition.

rBST Free
The cream used in this product is pasteurized before it is churned into butter.
When cooking with butter, remember that it has a very low burning point – about 300 degrees – so keep the burner on low.

Storage Instructions: At room temp, the shelf life of butter is very short, even when covered in a butter dish. So unless you’re going through it very quickly, keep your butter wrapped in the fridge. Refrigerated butter will keep for up to four months. You can also freeze it for up to a year.

pasteurized cream, natural flavorings. Contains: Milk

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